Boogie Board

Boogie Board LCD eWriters utilize a reflective, pressure-sensitive, plastic liquid crystal display (LCD). Images are created by pressing on the LCD with a stylus, fingernail or other instrument. To clear the LCD, an erase button is pushed. This tells the electronics, which are powered by a battery, to erase the image by applying an electric field to the LCD.
You can use them in home,office,and for education.
• Reflex® LCD writing surface is shatter-proof, scratch-resistant (has hard-coating like eyeglasses) and easy to clean/maintain. Reflex LCDs are completely reflective and use ambient light to display an image - just like paper. Reflex LCDs are made by Kent Displays (parent company of Improv Electronics; see below for additional information about Kent Displays)
• No power is needed to create or retain an image – again, just like paper
• Thin and compact - fits easily in backpacks, schedulers, book bags and purses
• All plastic construction is durable, impact-resistant and non-toxic
• Long life – the coin cell battery in Boogie Board Original and Jot 4.5 models is rated for over 50,000 erase cycles (that’s 20 erases a day for almost seven years). Some models feature replaceable/rechargeable batteries
• Variable pressure response – creates thick and thin lines based on the amount of pressure that is applied
• Accessories include protective sleeve and portfolios