Colorboard 30 x 30 New


Size: 30 x 30cm
Colors: Black, White, Dark Blue
Material: Magnetic tempered glass
Color boards are a new version of writing boards which you can write on them by a usual white board marker or a special chalk marker for the black models. You can wipe off the board with a simple tissue or any eraser.
You can attach paper, card, memo, map or anything else your color board with a super strong magnet and you can make your marker magnetic with a ring.
Color boards can be produced in any color and size according what you need.

Unique features:

Various colors, Special design, frameless
Convenience in writing and erasing
Smooth surface made of tempered glass
Magnetic field in all surface
Specific models: monthly, weekly, and daily planner for time management
Ideal for office, training & educational centers, homes and any place you need to write
Easy to use and install
Safe package and suitable for transportation
2 year warranty
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